Trish Ambler
Trish Ambler

Counsellor, Psychotherapist
& Hypnotherapist

Tailored to the needs of each individual Trish uses a variety of treatment modalities including mindful psychotherapy, somatic integration, meditation. hypnosis , C.B.T. lifestyle coaching, diet and supplements.

"My intention as a psychotherapist is to provide a supportive, comfortable and relational setting to explore issues that have arisen in life."


  • Individual and couples therapy offered face-to-face or online.

  • Sessions are held in a therapy room, or in a safe online platform.

  • Usually held twice a year. Current COVID restrictions have seen a temporary halt.

A bit about therapy

With a background in holistic medicine, and over 2 decades of experience working with individuals and couples therapy, Trish combines mindful psychotherapy and neuroplasticity techniques, to provide an integrative therapeutic service in a supportive, comfortable and relational setting.

Specialising in: enhancing self esteem, relationships, stress and anxiety, sexual issues, couples counselling, coaching and sexual abuse. Trish is also highly trained in hypnosis. “I’ve found hypnosis to be very useful to address forms of addiction, smoking, alcohol abuse and weight loss".

What my clients say

  • Trish is warm, compassionate and can make me laugh. Trish helped me through a painful break-up and built my self confidence, empowering me and helped me find the joy of life, Thanks Trish

    Michael D

  • I had hypnobirthing with Trish which was amazing, we now have a healthy beautiful daughter plus Trish hypnotised my man to give up smoking- very happy.

    Sophie & Mason

  • We had several sessions with Trish for couples counselling and are now in a completely different place with a much deeper understanding of ourselves and each other.

    Sam & Sam

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